“People are not logical beings; they’re emotionally-driven animals.
You must first fill their hearts before you can fill their minds.”
– Hal Bowman

Teach Like A Rock Star is a kick ass, high-octane learning event that is custom built for uniquely uncommon companies. It’s your job to provide your people with truckloads of valuable content. Teach Like A Rock Star equips your people with the most powerful tools and strategies to communicate that content so your teams and company thrives. The ability to teach effectively creates an extraordinary company culture – one where leaders have a profound and lifelong impact on the professional and personal development of their people.



The difference between good leadership and great leadership is the capacity to grow people. That is, the ability to teach – on both professional and personal levels. Research consistently shows that leaders who are expert teachers:


Lead with more focus, purpose, and clarity.

Effectively impact actions, behaviors, and performance.

Foster passion among their teams.

Inspire their people to set and reach goals.

Motivate others to grow personally and professionally.

Harness the power of human emotion to drive buy-in.


 “Teaching is NOT about passing along information and skills;
it’s about passing along WHO you are.”
– Hal Bowman


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